Mountain Biking Tours in Big Bend

Guided Mountain Bike Trips In Big Bend

We can take you on established, maintained mountain biking trails, old abandoned mining trails, maintained or primitive single and double track, or complete off road rugged terrain. Please be honest and realistic with your skill level and capabilities so we can help you pick routes that best accommodate you.

Here is a great article about mountain biking in Terlingua featuring our friend Mike Long and written by Graham Averill and photography by Jay Goodrich

The 52 mile Epic Bike Trail Loop in Big Bend Ranch State Park has become the premier mountain biking route for serious off-road cycling enthusiasts. Angell Expeditions rents bikes, helmets and other gear for this, and also will guide new riders thru the course, along with interpretive talk on the history, geology, plants and wildlife.

Two Day Bike Tour
Plan 2 to 3 days to cycle this route. A support shuttle to carry camping gear, food, and bike supplies will be necessary. We can provide all of the above services and help plan your itinerary to make the journey safely and efficiently. This is a serious technical trail, but with huge amounts of payoff in excitement, scenery and remote desert beauty. Make sure you are in good physical shape and your bike skills are up to par. Smaller warm-up trails on the Epic can be ridden prior to the entire loop to test your skills. Watch the video to get a small taste of this life-changing experience!

Bikes For Rent in Big Bend
We have a selection of quality, well-maintained mountain bikes for rent at very reasonable daily rates. We also keep a small inventory of inner tubes and various tools, parts and accessories for sale. Our 4WD vehicles are equipped with bike racks, parts and tools for remote on-location repairs and assistance. Mountain boards are also available for rent.

*HELMETS REQUIRED* for all cycling/mountain boarding activities and can be rented or purchased for nominal fees.

ATTIRE: For all activities we recommend long-sleeve shirts, sunglasses and a broad-brimmed hat unless activities require a helmet. Long pants are recommended on hikes and climbs to protect from brush and thorns, and spare socks are good to carry with for all activities. Shorts and/or a swimsuit are good to keep with if taking a refreshing dip in a desert spring or other water source is desired.

Taking a mountain top break