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Photo Credit Guillermo Gonzalez
Mike Naccarato, fishing guide for Angell Expeditions. Photo credit Guillermo Gonzalez.


A new informational video is required viewing for our crew and clients heading out on a Devils River Trip. Please watch it before you leave good internet, and if you have any questions, we can answer them for you. It’s well done, and good to have the knowledge.

Here is a web page on paddling the Devils River prepared by the Devils River Conservancy. It has good info:



Photo Credit Guillermo Gonzalez

See the photos by Guillermo Gonzalez on a recent trip on the Devils River.

Ever heard of the Devils River?

One of the most pristine waterways in the world. It’s a four day trip you will never forget. See the pricing page for current rates, and contact us to check availability.

The Devils River is the cleanest, clearest river in Texas and all of the Southwest; it is used as the benchmark by the State to which all other rivers are compared to for clarity and purity. It is spring fed so it retains a consistent level year round, and although it has many deep stretches and pools it has several unnavigable spots that will require lining and dragging your boat through. If you are not in good physical shape, do not have good balance, do not posses a can-do attitude, and are not an experienced paddler and/or good coordination then this river will be very difficult for you. On the other hand, if you are in decent shape, learn quickly and are not a quitter then this is one of the most spectacular and challenging rivers in North America!

Our 4 day trip is only 15 miles but there are many obstacles that will require individual effort from you; in the first mile we will portage boats and gear over and around Dolan Falls, the most photographed waterfall in Texas, a wonder of hydrology! Please be aware that NO GLASS BOTTLES are allowed on this river, strictly enforced by River Rangers. See our list of what to bring (and not bring)

For those who need a break from camping, we offer a night on the Devils River in a house overlooking the river.  It does require an 85 step climb, and there is an extra cash fee to the owner for it’s rental, but for a group, it’s a nice break from roughing it. See more about the cabin on the Devils River.


July 2017 Review:
I hope you are well. Just wanted to let you know that Emily and I had a great time. We appreciate the hard work that you, Mike and Robin put in throughout the trip. We have recommended you to others already. I’ve put up a review on Trip Advisor and completed the TPWD survey. We look forward to travelling with you again in the future. Also, what was the name of the children’s book you told us about? It sounded like a great book for our grandkids.


April 2017 Review:
Charlie and crew,
Our Devils River trip exceeded our expectations and left us wanting to do it again.    Despite the wide range of our group’s ages, from 11 to 72; and despite the differences in our kayaking expertise, from novice to pretty decent … you all were able to tailor the adventure accordingly for all of us.  The adventurers got their share of fun, the novices had a very safe and enjoyable time.   The surprise storm and fast rising river was an event that really showed how attuned you are to the potential dangers of the river, and how to mitigate quickly and appropriately.    It was great to have you make all the necessary arrangements ahead of time, from the dependable shuttle to the three camping spots.    We all appreciated the well prepared and abundant food, and never had a worry during the entire trip.

You and your crew were top notch, and you allowed us to have a fabulous time.

Michelle Rumbaut, Steve White, Clint Taylor, John Sieben, and the rest of the gang …

About the Devils River in Texas
A hidden Texas gem with some of the most wonderful canoe and kayak waters in the Southwest. See the Texas Parks & Wildlife page, then call us to schedule. It’s very limited availability, but the trip you will always remember.

Learn more about the campsites along the Devils River here. You’ll see photos and what to expect at each camp.

See our rates page for details.


See a few videos of kayak and canoe trips in the Devils River


We think they were looking for some people that missed their takeout point.

Safety & Rules
Private landowners took this photo. Anyone who floats the Devils River with us must realize that we paddle thru many peoples’ backyards, and eyes will be upon you most of the time. Strict adherence to Park rules and proper behavior must be followed at all times during your experience!

Photo credit Guillermo Gonzalez
Devils River is one of very few dark sky places.
Credits to Guillermo Gonzalez
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