River Trips in Big Bend


Floating the Rio Grande is the best seat in the house to see the wonders and diversity of the Big Bend. We have inflatable rafts, canoes and inflatable kayaks and can accomodate groups of 25-plus.  For the Devil’s River, click here for our guide services on that beautiful water.

The Rio does not keep a constant level year-round, so be sure to check with us for forecast conditions. Some favorite river runs are not always feasible if the current is low, and some areas may have up to class III or IV rapids, perhaps a little too much excitement for some. The best river levels are in late summer and fall, but there are times during the remainder of the year when an unexpected surge can create perfect conditions for days or weeks.

Those with little experience will feel most comfortable either riding in one of our big oar rafts or piloting a 2 person inflatable kayak with a partner. The inflatable kayaks are easy to maneuver and very forgiving when bumping into boulders. Depending on the wind and river current little effort can be required, or considerable effort. Water shoes or TEVA style sandals are recommended, flip-flops get lost or stuck in the mud easily. Old tennis shoes are also good, or any pair of tennies that you don’t mind having to clean up later. A big floppy hat to shade you from the sun is also recommended-keep the sunscreen off your forehead, it tends to run in the eyes when sweating.

There are many routes on the Rio, some usually requiring multiple days, such as Santa Elena, Marascal or Boquillas Canyons, or others generally good for day trips, such as Colorado Canyon or Hot Springs. Basic lunch (Ham & Turkey sandwiches, fruit, chips) can be provided for an additional cost or you can bring your own. We also provide ice water in coolers, bring your own personal water bottle to fill.

On overnight river trips we can provide full-service food prep. for breakfast and dinner, ranging from steaks or chicken and veggies; for breakfast eggs, bacon, cereals and breakfast tacos.

We can tailor our trips to meet your needs, what makes us unique from the other guides is our flexibility in start-up times and our ability to work with special requirements.

View highlights on YouTube of recent river trips:

We don’t think of our deserts as having rivers, but there is the Rio Grande, the Devil’s River, the Rio Conchos in Mexico, and others. The Rio Grande offers several different trips, and though one river, can mean multiple adventures. The Devil’s River is a gem.