What To Bring for the Devils River Trip

Devils River Packing List

Please be aware, you will likely drive through a Border Patrol checkpoint with Agents and Canines. Getting busted on the way to the Devils River will not be excuseable – YOU WILL LOSE YOUR ENTIRE FEE. Don’t ruin your trip by being careless, stupid, or both. This has happened before – WE WILL NOT PITY YOU FOR BREAKING THE LAW.


  • tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, hammock if you have one, we have a few loaners
  • personal water bottle (that you can refill from our coolers)
  • bug repellent and chapstick/lip balm
  • swimsuit
  • snorkel, mask and fins
  • rashguard and/or wetsuit, depending on time of year/temps
  • sun protective light fabric long sleeve shirt and pants (fishing or hiking type work well)
  • note that sunscreens have been found to be problematic and should be avoided
  • hat with brim for sun protection
  • sunglasses with lanyard
  • camera or phone with Ziploc bag, we have some dry boxes and bags for same but having your own small waterproof container is best
  • book or other reading material

During the cooler winter months it’s important to have footwear that can get wet and still stay warm, such as neoprene booties, neoprene water shoes, wet-socks, or thick wool socks with sandals or sneakers.  This is especially important on overnight river trips AND any Santa Elena boomerang trip, where feet are getting soaked regularly. Dry socks and footwear should be brought for overnights to change into after a day on the water; having dry socks and footwear in your vehicle to change into after a day-trip is also smart.

Sunscreen can be helpful in protecting our skin but it can be extremely bad for the health of the rivers and it’s plants and fish. Wearing long sleeve UPF fabric shirts and light fabric pants are more effective than sunscreen, don’t wash off if you swim, and don’t damage the environment. Research is showing that some sunscreens have hormone disrupting effects, and Hawaii has seen damage to corals, and has implemented rules against certain sunscreens. It’s a big issue, but this link is a start. Mineral based (but not nano minerals) are getting new attention as viable alternatives.

We all want our rivers to have healthy fish, turtles and plants, correct? If so please make an effort to purchase/wear these products as a longer-lasting alternative, and keep sunscreen usage to a minimum, and only for your face – if at all. Angell Expeditions and the Parks will appreciate it, and so will the future generations of people who want to enjoy a quality of water equal to or better than we do, thanks again!


NO GLASS BOTTLES – beverages in cans ok, liquor or wine must be in either plastic or box! Don’t make the mistake of bringing too much excess weight in cans, be smart with your alcohol. Also be aware that the State Park does not allow display of beverages, this means coozies or cups, and all empties must also remain out of sight – this is a ticketable offense!!

We will provide dry bags for your gear, each individual should bring no more than what can fit into an overnite backpack, ie: 40-50 lbs. max

You will be hauling and portaging your own gear daily, so don’t bring more than you can carry.

For Feet
Strap on sandals such as Teva, Keen, Chaco, etc.
OR closed toe sandals (in cold weather wool socks with sandals work well)
OR old sneakers that can get wet and muddy
OR scuba diving boots with good soles
The river bottom is very abrasive and can eat up cheap footwear, which will eat up your feet!

Please feel free to contact us if you are not sure.