Big Bend Birding Tours

Angell Expeditions frequently take out birdwatchers, from beginners to experts.

The Big Bend region of Texas has over 500 recorded species that inhabit or pass thru the area and we know dozens of little-known and hidden oases that birds frequent.

Prime viewing months are Spring and Fall, but Summer and Winter can also have unique species passing through.

Cactus Wren in Big Bend, photo by T Wise

We also perform volunteer work and maintenance on 2 bird-blind/watering feature locations in Big Bend Ranch State Park, and have a birdwatching deck built on the banks of the Rio Grande at our HQ in Redford.

Our 5 room hotel rental in Redford is the perfect place to access our river deck or the State Park blinds, and is approx. 1 hr. drive from the National Park.

Contact us about a birding tour and we’ll take you to all the places we know of!

Black-Throated Grey Warbler, a Townsend’s Warbler, and a beautiful Varied Bunting. Photographer Darrell Cochran, taken in Big Bend Ranch State Park.

Photo of cliff bird nests and bird in flight by T Wise