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Wildlife Photos in Big Bend and South Texas2022-08-25T17:10:51-05:00

Wildlife Photos in Big Bend and South Texas

The Big Bend and Devils River regions include lots of different habitats.  Down at the river to up in the mountains, we see a lot of different wildlife, some only found around here.

Photo of cliff bird nests and bird in flight by T Wise.

A collection of photos and videos, some by Angell Expeditions and some submitted by clients. A good representation of the unique and diverse wildlife in Texas’ Big Bend region. Most animals in the desert are nocturnal, but mornings and evenings can still be good times for spotting critters of all kinds!

Barbary Sheep are super athletic, and fun to watch.


Breaking Bad in the Chisos in Big Bend.

Cactus Wren in Big Bend, photo by T Wise.

Tarantula in Big Bend are harmless.

Here is a beautiful Crevice Spiny Lizard. Also called a Fence Lizard.

Thanks to Parker Anderson for the photo.

Video of a Mama Bear and two cubs in the Chisos in Big Bend.

Adult javelina traipsing around the Teepees rest area in Big Bend Ranch State Park. Javelina resemble pigs but in actuality are Peccaries, related to deer.

A coyote loping down the side of the road in Big Bend National Park. “Sit!”

Gopher snakes are not poisonous, and this 4 1/2 foot snake is a Sonoran Gopher Snake. Found mostly in this region, they are pretty impressive. Tours will sometimes see snakes, coyotes, javelina, bobcat, deer, and if you are really lucky, a bear or mountain lion.

Big Bend Childlife

Thank you for the trip down the Rio Grande yesterday. We all had a ball! It was an adventure our kids will never forget. And speaking of kids, you and Mike were SAINTS! I’ve attached a photo of the paddle board at capacity. Those animals are hard to corral and you did it with ease.

A rare sighting of a bobcat.
Photo by Ann Platt


Diego the Boathouse Dog.
Photo by Sara Button

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