What to Bring on a River Trip


High/low temps in Fahrenheit:
Jan. 61/37   Feb. 67/41   Mar. 75/48   Apr. 84/56   May 90/63   Jun. 95/70   Jul. 92/70   Aug. 93/71   Sep. 86/65   Oct. 82/57   Nov. 70/46   Dec. 63/39

High/low temps in Centigrade:
Jan. 16/3   Feb. 16/5   Mar. 24/9   Apr. 28/13   May 32/17   Jun. 35/21   Jul. 33/21   Aug. 34/22   Sep. 30/18   Oct. 28/14   Nov. 21/8   Dec. 17/4

At higher elevations temperatures average a few degrees cooler.  The lower desert and river corridor average a few degrees warmer, except in the winter when it’s a few degrees cooler.

Please be aware, you will likely drive through a Border Patrol checkpoint with Agents and Canines. All applicable Texas laws apply, and being detained may cause you to miss your trip. Your fees will not be refunded.

Drybags will be provided for your items

See the Devils River List for special notes on that adventure.

  • Large-brim hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Towel
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE sunscreen and chapstick/lip balm
  • See www.ecowatch.com/sunscreen-guide.html
  • headlamp or flashlight
  • cheap plastic rain poncho
  • Bug repellent in warmer months
  • One water bottle per person – can be refilled from our cooler

It is now known that many sunscreens contain chemicals that are harmful to aquatic life.   Freshwater habitats have the same concerns as saltwater reefs.  A resource page on recommended sunscreens. savethereef.org/about-reef-save-sunscreen.html

Quick dry fabric clothing such as hiking/fishing apparel – heavy cotton & denim not advised. Sun protection clothing can be helpful.

Strap-on sandals work best such as Teva, Keen, Chaco, Columbia,etc.; wool socks or neoprene booties worn with sandals are good in colder months, or old tennis shoes. Your feet will get wet and muddy regardless

CAMERAS/SMARTPHONES are OK, keeping them in a Ziploc is good, we also have some small dryboxes for same. If you have large cameras/SLR’s we have a few large dryboxes for these, please speak with us regarding them in advance

One life jacket per person provided, please notify us for any XXL sizes

Alcohol may be brought, NO GLASS BOTTLES, note that Park policies are no open display, must be in a koozie or dispensed into a cup – We highly recommend imbibing with moderation, save it for the end of the day, you will need your energy and wits with you to safely navigate your craft. You may contact the Park service for specific rules regarding alcohol.

Same as day trips, plus:

Sleeping bags, pads and tents – if you do not have these we can rent you them for a modest fee

Headlamp and extra batteries

Spare dry footwear for camp if desired

Extra layers of clothing and sleepwear for camp during fall to spring – desert nights can get chilly

Try to bring no more than what can fit in an overnight backpack

We provide a camp toilet for overnight trips and river trips, as required by the Parks, except backpacking trips.

Feel free to speak with us if you have any questions.

Camp Toilet
All river trips include required use of a camp toilet. Park rules.