Tours to Ojinaga Mexico and San Carlos Mexico

For over a decade, we have been traveling to Mexico, including Ojinaga, San Carlos, the Copper Canyon, and beyond. Some amazing canoe and raft trips in Mexico as well.

Explore the safe and beautiful town of San Carlos, also known as Manuel Benavides, only one hour from Presidio, Texas.

This quiet town has incredible history due to the prevalence of water that flows around the town, through canyons, over waterfalls and into near-by lakes.

Several day hikes or jeep tours are available to scenic venues. A short drive out of town leads to two man-made lakes, which offer picnic areas, swimming and fishing.

Hike to old mine ruins, ancient Indian camps or an abandoned 18th century Spanish Fort and step back in time.

If you have any questions regarding a visit to this charming town south of the border, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Travel to Mexico – Identification
Passport or Birth Certificate with Drivers License is required to reenter the United States. Passport is the preferred method, which speeds up the reentry process. Special regulations in Mexico should be understood and obeyed prior to entry or departure, such as no firearms or ammunition (or empty shells) allowed in, and certain meats and produce are not allowed to be taken out.

More information on Mexico travel is available online thru U.S. Customs and Mexico Travel sites.