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Angell Expeditions offers river trips on the Rio Grande as well as the Devils River, guide services for hiking and mountain biking, birding, trips into Mexico including Ojinaga Mexico and the Copper Canyon, and vehicle tours in the Big Bend region. From a half day to several day river trips are available. We look forward to meeting you.

Bring Your Insect Repellent
Eucalyptus, Citronella, etc.  There is a bloom of pesky gnats in the region.

Charlie Angell
432-384-2008 Best Phone Number (call/txt)
432-384-2307 Redford Boathouse / Office
305-336-2787 cell (very limited)

Since 2007
Guiding in Big Bend

Over 20+ Years Exploring and Guiding in the Big Bend Region of Texas

See our Current Rates Page for information on the park entrance fees to expect when you visit Big Bend Ranch State Park, or Big Bend National Park.

River Update

When water levels drop below 50 cfs, our options for river trips are limited, or not possible.  A 2.5 mile stretch of river that is still possible, is Dark Canyon in Big Bend Ranch State Park.  Please inquire.

Covid-19 & Health
Please bring a mask in case it’s needed. See more about this. See our health conditions page as well.


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Wild Rivers with Tillie
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We made it above the fold of the NYT

Angell Expeditions made it Above the Fold of the NYT


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Weather & Special Situations
See our Special Situations page for details on weather and other last minute changes.

Once you’ve made plans, please confirm meeting places and times with us well in advance. Call our office a few days ahead, since the day-of we may be waiting for you in a place that doesn’t have cell service, or you will be in a place without cell service. The directions to the meetup locations are on the Logistics Page. Also called the Meetup Page.

Also check out What to Bring pages for the Rio Grande, and for the Devils River

Hi Charlie,

I just wanted to say thank you again for another fantastic river trip! Our group had an incredible time and I think it will be a big highlight of the course.

We’re very grateful for Lesley and Wesley who shared so much knowledge and expertise about canoeing and the region and were so dedicated as guides.

Here’s a link to our course blog if any of you are interested in the students’ reflections from the trip and other things we’ve been up to!

Thanks Charlie!

Best wishes,

We take small groups as well as large, and have experience with photo professionals and media folk, as well as school groups and organizations. From one to dozens, we can take you on an adventure in Big Bend that will delight and excite you. Each trip is custom to a small group based on ability and schedule.

Read about the NextTribe visit to Big Bend with lots of great information.
Article by Jeannie Ralston

St Joseph Church Lodging

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The Best of Big Bend Travel

At Angell Expeditions we know travelers spend all year saving up their time and money to come out to the Big Bend, so showing you a great time is our #1 goal, each and every time!

We hope you give us the opportunity to lead you through the most spectacular and fun part of Texas! We live here because we love it, and you’ll recognize that through our work!

Once you’ve made plans, please confirm meeting places and times with us well in advance. Call our office a few days ahead, since the day-of we may be waiting for you in a place that doesn’t have cell service, or you will be in a place without cell service. The directions to the meetup locations are on the Logistics Page.

Rafting in Big Bend National Park with Rio Grande Outfitters The Rio Grande River offers some great river rafting, canoe, and kayak trips. River trips will depend on water flow but when it’s good, large rafts are lots of fun. When the water level is lower, canoe trips are great, and offer excitement. Call us to schedule to rafting trip in Big Bend National Park and in the Devils River.  Click here to see more.

Mountain Biking in Big Bend
Expert to beginner, Big Bend offers some of the best mountain biking in the United States. For beginners, there are lots and lots of roads and trails that are well maintained, but off the beaten path. For more experienced riders, there are trails that will challenge every skill level. Not too many places you can ride 50 miles and never see a paved road. We offer guided cycling tours and mountain bike tours in Big Bend, as well as rent bicycles. Click here to see more.

Driving Tours in Big Bend
Four wheel drive vehicle tours down forgotten trails in the Chihuahan desert around the Chinati Mountains, Big Bend National Park, and Big Bend Ranch State Park. We have Jeep tours and ATV tours, reaching country that otherwise takes days of walking. Click here to see more.

Hiking Guides in Big Bend
If you enjoy the outdoors, and want to hike – either for the day, or for a week, we offer guided hiking in Big Bend. We handle the food, water, tents, navigation, and you enjoy some of the most beautiful country in the world. Hiking in Big Bend is best during the cooler season, and the desert and mountains are famous for warm days and cold nights.

We Are Big Bend Outfitters
Coming to Big Bend? Want to make the best use of your time, and have a great experience?  Hire us as a guide, please send us the dates you are interested in, how many in your group, where you are staying during your visit, and type of activity. We can also make recommendations on other activities, dining and lodging. We are even listed in Fodors travel website and several others.

Current pricing:
All activities require a 2 person minimum, solo individuals can pay for price of 2 or if possible pay single rate and ride with other scheduled groups. See our Rates Page for raft, canoe, & kayak trips, Jeep or ATV trips, Mountain Biking, Hiking, and more.

Private tours may not be available, especially for river trips. See our rates page for more details.

Big Bend Canoe, Raft, Kayak, …
Type of watercraft used is dependent on river level, large rafts are only available on higher levels, generally late summer or early fall. Canoes and kayaks and even the Beast (stand up paddle board) are all available depending on water conditions and skills.

Lunches can be provided at modest cost or clients can bring their own lunches, anyone with a special diet is advised to bring their own food, as our grocers have limited food variety. On multi-day trips, outdoor cooking is on the menu.

A very special canoe or kayak trip is the Devils River. Just beautiful.

I hope you are well. Just wanted to let you know that Emily and I had a great time. We appreciate the hard work that your guides put in throughout the trip. We have recommended you to others already. I’ve put up a review on Trip Advisor and completed the TPWD survey. We look forward to travelling with you again in the future. Also, what was the name of the children’s book you told us about? It sounded like a great book for our grandkids.


Charlie and crew,
Our Devils River trip exceeded our expectations and left us wanting to do it again. Despite the wide range of our group’s ages, from 11 to 72; and despite the differences in our kayaking expertise, from novice to pretty decent … you all were able to tailor the adventure accordingly for all of us. The adventurers got their share of fun, the novices had a very safe and enjoyable time. The surprise storm and fast rising river was an event that really showed how attuned you are to the potential dangers of the river, and how to mitigate quickly and appropriately. It was great to have you make all the necessary arrangements ahead of time, from the dependable shuttle to the three camping spots. We all appreciated the well prepared and abundant food, and never had a worry during the entire trip.

You and your crew were top notch, and you allowed us to have a fabulous time.

Michelle Rumbaut, Steve White, Clint Taylor, John Sieben, and the rest of the gang …

Canoeing in Big Bend
April 29, 2019

Angell Expeditions was the perfect selection for us. We originally booked a raft trip, but it was changed to canoes as the water level dropped and couldn’t accommodate a raft. Charlie was responsive, especially with the lack of phone service in this remote part of the country. An AMAZING guide. He was patient with my parents (who are around 80 years old), super helpful, and made for a most memorable experience on the Rio Grande. It was totally worth paying more to be on a private tour. Definitely recommend and would do it again!!

Charlie and Kat were fun and funny and awesome. They know their flora and fauna here. The river tour was relaxing. We did the rafting with 6 people from 11:30 to about 2:30. We did canyon walk for 20 min. It was perfect nature as we did a little art in Marfa. It is far. At least two hours from Marfa.

Varied Bunting  in Big Bend Ranch State Park, by Darrell Cochran

Roadrunner in Big Bend, photo by M Onyon