Food and Menu Information

On overnight trips we can offer meals. The menu can be tailored to your diet considerations.

For day trips, we may or may not be able to provide meals.

Please be aware that our grocers here are smaller and have less selection than in the cities, and not all items requested are available.

Typical Meals

Eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes, fruit, tortillas

Ham/Turkey sandwich ingredients you prepare yourself, with condiments, cheese, tomato, plus fruit, chips, nuts, snacks, and cookies

Spaghetti and meatballs, chicken or beef fajitas, pork tenderloin, shrimp pasta, salmon or tilapia. All of the above can be accompanied with rice, beans, veggies, garlic bread.

Special Requirements
We are able to provide vegetarian, vegan, and lactose-free and gluten-free if requested, but again be aware that we do not have the greatest variety of options.

Pandemic Protocols
Due to the current Covid pandemic we may not be able to provide meals on day trips for safety concerns, please inquire.