The Big Bend region of Texas has always attracted a unique sort of person. From the artists & outlaws who moved here, to the hardy folk who have called this area home for generations – centuries – millenia. People have lived with and loved the Rio Grande for 10,000 years, and explored the nearby mountains and canyons the whole time.

Mexico and the US share the Rio Grande and until pretty recently there was always a free flow of visitors between the countries. Extended families are on both sides, with Aunts and Uncles and Cousins and even Brothers and Sisters living on one side or the other.

This page will feature the stories we think are interesting, and might add something to your visit.


Low water sometimes requires some work.
See the story with Mr. Bourdain.


Painting by Maddy King
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When you bring your dog to Big Bend, be really careful. Dogs will chase wild animals, and doesn’t end well sometimes.

2018 Big Bend 50 Ultra – Volunteer Appreciation
The Big Bend 50 is a 50K, 30K, 10K in Big Bend Ranch State Park.
It takes a lot of volunteers, but it’s fun, and a great fund raiser for the Friends Group.