Youth Groups

Angell Expeditions has hosted youth groups from all over the country for adventures ranging from single day river trips or hikes, to multi-day outings.

Groups have included church groups, outdoor adventure groups, schools, scouting, and most any combination.

Call us to see what kinds of outings are available for your group size, age, fitness, and available time.

Charlie and his crew were incredible. They are clearly experts in the area and kept our kids safe, while also having a blast. There were some last-minute logistical challenges and Charlie went above and beyond accommodating our group and coming up with alternative plans. I highly recommend Angell Expeditions and would definitely use them again.
Thanks again Charlie!

Outdoor Education Coordinator
Alcuin School
Dallas, TX 75230

Hi Charlie,

I just wanted to say thank you again for another fantastic river trip! Our group had an incredible time and I think it will be a big highlight of the course.
We’re very grateful for Lesley and Wesley who shared so much knowledge and expertise about canoeing and the region and were so dedicated as guides.
Here’s a link to our course blog if any of you are interested in the students’ reflections from the trip and other things we’ve been up to!
Thanks Charlie!
Best wishes,