Boquillas Canyon River Trips

A MUST river trip for photographers who will get “magic hour” canyon walls at morning and evening, and superb mid-day lighting.

Boquillas Canyon is the ideal float for those who want spectacular scenery, ample side hikes, superb riverbank campsites and a mellower float with few technical rapids.


USGS Water Levels at Rio Grande Village

Read a great article by the Roaming Marvins on their trip to Big Bend and their Boquillas river trip and their stay in Big Bend.

This float is also ideal during lower water conditions, levels here are higher than upstream canyon sections of the park due to continual springs and creeks increasing water flow.

It is a 4 day float under most water levels, camping 3 nights on the river, a total of 33 river miles.

The starting point is at Rio Grande Village in Big Bend National Park, passing by the historic Mexican village of Boquillas within the first hour of floating.

After several days of outstanding sheer canyon wall scenery, side hikes up various canyons, and R& R at evening camps, the trip ends at historic Stillwell crossing, where the old Gerstacker bridge crosses over the Rio Grande. On the Mexican side of the river is the abandoned mining town of La Linda, rich in history and a slice of what the mining industry in this region once was.

For those who want to spend some down time on the river on the International border, Boquillas Canyon is unsurpassed and accommodating to boaters of moderate experience.

Boquillas Float Trip Rates, 4 day, 3 night (usually)
Our rates are per person, includes all meals, shuttles, boats, gear and guide/s. We tailor our menu to fit your tastes and diets, for groups of 6 or more we also offer a 10% discount. For a nominal fee we can also provide you with tents, sleeping bags, and pads. See the rates page for current rates for this trip.

All dry bags for your gear and cameras are included.


“Fred Keller, the unofficial Mayor of La Linda/Heath Canyon, a legend of the Big Bend who will be missed but always in our memories…”
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