Rio Grande Lower Canyons Canoe Trips
Book a river trip in the Lower Canyons of the Rio Grande.

The Lower Canyons of the Rio Grande have some of the most spectacular scenery of any river trip in the Southwest, and some of the most challenging rapids and whitewater; designated as a Wild and Scenic section of river by the National Park Service.

At some 82 miles total distance, this trip is not suited for everyone, and 7-10 days is the time frame needed to accomplish this run.

Difficult and strenuous portages are neccesary for 2-3 rapids, each requiring several hours to complete.

Paddling skills are also essential, the technical nature of this trip plus the number of days required must be considered before committing to the Lower Canyons, since once you start you must finish, quitting is not an option.

If, however, you want to challenge yourself and hone your paddling skills into the next level, all the while traversing thru one steep-walled canyon after another, then here is the once-in-a-lifetime, bucket-list river trip.

We’ll provide you with the boat, gear, and guides to help you navigate the most remote stretch of river in Texas.

Call or email for more info and pricing, and please watch our videos posted to get the feel of what you may encounter on this trip.

If you’re not sure, try a shorter trip with us for starters and we can help get you acquainted with what to expect for a Lower Canyons float.

Las Palmas Rapids in the Lower Rio Grande

Rodeo Rapids

Lower Canyons of the Rio Grande Hot Springs