Offroad Tours – 4WD in Big Bend

See More of Big Bend in an Offroad Tour in a Jeep or ATV

Big Bend has some of the prettiest roughest country in the U.S., but it’s also been settled by miners and ranchers for centuries, and by Indian tribes for a few thousand years. There are lots of roads leading to unique and remote places, and the only way to get to them without spending days hiking or biking is by 4 wheel drive.

Offroad tours in Big Bend National Park, Big Bend Ranch State, and excluse private ranches Angell Expeditions has guide service agreements with.

We carry satellite radios, we can tour you thru the backcountry with the top down or up and in cool comfort.

Some of the more popular rides we conduct in the State Park are Guale overlook, our mini version of the Grand Canyon, or the route to Chorro Vista, which terminates near Madrid Falls and Mexicano Falls.

Both Madrid and Mexicano are beautiful oases in desert canyons, overlooks to both are a relatively short hike from the parking areas. To truly experience these hidden gems a strenuous, rugged hike is required, appx. 2 hrs. one way for either, but the payoff is worth it.

In the National Park the most popular drives are Old Ore road and the River Road. The River Road requires more time than Old Ore and is generally a rougher, bumpier ride. Old Ore has a short 20 min. hike one way to a unique site, Ernst Tinaja. The rock formations, colorations and geology that surround this deep pool of water are a sight to behold, basic skill levels are adequate for this hike.

We also can take you to numerous areas with ancient Native American pictographs. Some of these are easily accessible but most require some strenuous hiking. We have many other routes and locations, too numerous to list all.


See our Instagram for a video clip of our Open Air Safari in Big Bend

Basic lunch (Ham & Turkey sandwiches, fruit, chips, etc) can be provided for an additional fee or you can bring your own. Feel free to ask us what your interests are, we can tailor a Jeep tour that suits you and your group.

For all activities we recommend long-sleeve shirts, sunglasses and a broad-brimmed hat unless activities require a helmet. Long pants are recommended on hikes and climbs to protect from brush and thorns, and spare socks are good to carry with for all activities. Shorts and/or a swimsuit are good to keep with if taking a refreshing dip in a desert spring or other water source is desired.