Both Big Bend Ranch State Park and Big Bend National Park have and/or will be changing their client admission fee policies.

This will be a frustrating and confusing time period for all of us until it smooths out, but here is what is now expected by the parks from you, the visitor.

Big Bend Ranch State Park
If you park your vehicle inside the park during any activity with a guide, you will be obligated to pay an entry fee per-person. You can do this at visitor centers in Presidio or Lajitas, or at one of the “Iron ranger” drop-boxes located inside the park, such as at the Hoodoos, west side Rock Wall Sign, or Closed Canyon. There are also Iron ranger boxes at the visitor centers after hours that can be used. If you have an annual pass or other pass you should be able to utlize that with the drop-box form. Check or cash is likely needed for this transaction, PLEASE CONTACT THE PARK DIRECTLY TO CLARIFY THE DETAILS ON THIS. We will still have to pay our per-person fees monthly in addition to your fees, sorry for the inconvenience.

Big Bend National Park
Effective October 2022 any client in a Guide vehicle will still have to pay a per-person fee of $15 each, or produce receipt or windshield pass showing proof of previous payment. Annual passes, senior passes, etc. should be acceptable. This means you will need to have credit card or paperwork available when we enter the park, not sure if a photo of the receipt is accepted. PLEASE CONTACT THE PARK DIRECTLY TO CLARIFY THE DETAILS! We will still be required to pay our fees separately from your fees, sorry for the inconvenience.

It will take some adjustments for us to determine how to smooth out this process, we anticipate a lot of warning tickets or other reprimands issued by the park. We are truly sorry for this, the Parks have their reasonings for this change and we encourage you to speak to them to better understand these policies. We will strive to do all we can to assist but ultimately this is the Parks’ policies, and their fees they are assessing to you, the visitor.

Thanks for understanding,

Charlie Angell
Angell Expeditions
432-384-2307 office (best)
305-336-2787 cell