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We offer river trips on the Rio Grande as well as the Devils River, guide services for hiking and mountain biking, trips into Mexico including Ojinaga Mexico and the Copper Canyon, and vehicle tours in the Big Bend region. We look forward to meeting you.

We Accept all major credit cards, including Amex and DiscoverWe Accept All Major Credit Cards, Including Amex and Discover.

At Angell Expeditions we know travelers spend all year saving up their time and money to come out to the Big Bend, so showing you a great time is our #1 goal, each and every time!

We hope you give us the opportunity to lead you through the most spectacular and fun part of Texas! We live here because we love it, and you’ll recognize that through our work!

Booking Availability
Call us to discuss options and services that are safe.

Covid-19 Considerations
You must bring a mask for each person in your group. Really.

If your guide asks you to use your mask, you agree to. This will be during times when you are in close proximity to your guide or strangers, or if the rules require it (County, City, State, Park, …).  Most activities are in wide open spaces, so it’s not a problem.

Please see our Covid 19 Page for more on safety precautions.

Call us to talk about your trip and how we are managing safety.  The Big Bend region and Devils River are absolutely beautiful.

Weather & Special Situations
See our Special Situations page for details on weather and other last minute changes.

Once you’ve made plans, please confirm meeting places and times with us well in advance. Call our office a few days ahead, since the day-of we may be waiting for you in a place that doesn’t have cell service, or you will be in a place without cell service. The directions to the meetup locations are on the Logistics Page.

Read the article in Southern Living

See our latest page on the Lower Rio Grande River Trips. Great photos and video.

Painting by Maddy King
(Thanks for sharing it with us!)

Logistics and Planning Your Trip

What to Bring on a River Trip

Birding Tours in Big Bend

Varied Bunting  in Big Bend Ranch State Park, by Darrell Cochran

Stay in Redford at the Saint Joseph’s Church Hotel, or in Ruidosa at the Ruidosa Ghost Town Inn, either in the main house or the Padre’s House. Lodging in Big Bend with us.

Angell Expeditions is in Texas Highways! 

Employment in Big Bend … Work with us.

Working with Studios and Producers … Experienced

See Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown
Sunday October 21 on CNN

In March we had the privilege of taking Anthony Bourdain and his crew on an overnight river trip through Santa Elena Canyon to film an episode of Parts Unknown. For a day, we were pulled into Tony’s orbit and, for many reasons, it was the grandest overnight trip we’ve ever had. The man was kind, intelligent, thoughtful, and inspiring to be around. Our discussions were critical to the times as well as fun and light-hearted. He had the ability and platform to shed light on important issues in a way that was so very human, everyone could understand and relate.

We send our thoughts and condolences to Anthony’s amazing crew, his family, friends, colleagues, and to the millions of people around the world whose lives were bettered because of his influence. We feel lucky to have had the opportunity to share an adventure, some good food, meaningful conversation, and a few shots (or more) of sotol with such a powerful force.

To us, Anthony’s memory persists on a wide stretch of remote desert beach along the banks of the muddy Rio Grande, beneath a night sky heavy with stars and full of laughter, camaraderie, food, music, dancing, and unimpeded joy.

May you find peace in whatever adventure awaits you next, Mr. Bourdain.

Private tours may not be available, especially for river trips. See our rates page for more details.

See our new Wildlife Page with video of a big coyote, a bear, a Sonoran gopher snake, and more. See the recent story of a javelina attack on a girl trying to rescue her pup.

A rare sighting of a bobcat.
Photo by Ann Platt

A very rare waterfall in Big Bend, this spot is rarely like this, but after the right rains … Click to see the short video.

See our latest page on the Lower Rio Grande River Trips. Great photos and video.

Logistics and Planning Your Trip

What to Bring on a River Trip

Photo by Sara Button

Introducing “The Beast” handles 8 to 10 stand up paddle board or sitting down.  Great for certain parts of the river, and lots of fun.

Visit Ojinaga
Day trips and overnight to great little bars and restaurants.

See more media and interviews … World Wide Charlie and Crew, Our Devils River trip exceeded our expectations and … read more

Rafts, Canoes, Kayaks … All depend on the water conditions.

Copper Canyon Guide Service is also available. Here we watch a Tarahumara Indians celebrating the Semana Santa festival in Norogachi, Chihuahua

2018 Big Bend 50 Ultra – Volunteer Appreciation
The Big Bend 50 is a 50K, 30K, 10K in Big Bend Ranch State Park.
It takes a lot of volunteers, but it’s fun, and a great fund raiser for the Friends Group.

River Camp Cooking

Rafting in Big Bend National Park with Rio Grande River Outfitters The Rio Grande River offers some great river rafting, canoe, and kayak trips. River trips will depend on water flow but when it’s good, large rafts are lots of fun. When the water level is lower, canoe trips are great, and offer excitement. Call us to schedule to rafting trip in Big Bend National Park and in the Devils River.  click here to see more.

Mountain Biking in Big Bend
Expert to beginner, Big Bend offers some of the best mountain biking in the United States. For beginners, there are lots and lots of roads and trails that are well maintained, but off the beaten path. For more experienced riders, there are trails that will challenge every skill level. Not too many places you can ride 50 miles and never see a paved road. We offer guided cycling tours and mountain bike tours in Big Bend, as well as rent bicycles. Click here to see more.

Driving Tours in Big Bend Four wheel drive vehicle tours down forgotten trails in the Chihuahan desert around the Chinati Mountains, Big Bend National Park, and Big Bend Ranch State Park. We have Jeep tours and ATV tours, reaching country that otherwise takes days of walking. Click here to see more.

Hiking Guides in Big Bend If you enjoy the outdoors, and want to hike – either for the day, or for a week, we offer guided hiking in Big Bend. We handle the food, water, tents, navigation, and you enjoy some of the most beautiful country in the world. Hiking in Big Bend is best during the cooler season, and the desert and mountains are famous for warm days and cold nights. Planning a Trip to Big Bend Thanks for visiting our website, if you want to plan a trip to the Big Bend and hire us as a guide, please send us the dates you are interested in, how many in your group, where you are staying during your visit, and type of activity. We can also make recommendations on other activities, dining and lodging.

Current pricing: All activities require a 2 person minimum, solo individuals can pay for price of 2 or if possible pay single rate and ride with other scheduled groups. See our Rates Page for raft, canoe, & kayak trips, Jeep or ATV trips, Mountain Biking, Hiking, and more.

Type of watercraft used is dependent on river level, large rafts are only available on higher levels, generally late summer or early fall. Lunches can be provided at modest cost or clients can bring their own lunches, anyone with a special diet is advised to bring their own food, as our grocers have limited food variety. Another special canoe or kayak trip is the Devils River. Just beautiful.

Check out our Tripadvisor reviews, we are the highest ranked guide in the Big Bend! Thanks! #1 Rated Attraction on TripAdvisor! 2015 Excellence Award!

Book a Devils River Canoe Trip Ride the Devils River with Angell! Check Out Videos of our Exciting New Trips! The Devils River is the cleanest, clearest and most pristine of any river in the State of Texas, so much so that it is used as the standard for water quality in the State. Devils River State Natural Area, managed by TPWD, has the best access points and campsites along this gem, we can take you on a guided trip down to experience this unique watershed. Access is strictly limited to 12 people per day so advance notice is required. Angell Expeditions requires a 4 person minimum for a 4 day trip. Longer trips can be taken but less than 4 days becomes a struggle to enjoy the river. Please contact us for pricing, they will be higher than our standard rates. This trip is only for the physically fit, some paddling experience is required and portage past some rapids is required.

Listen to a recent podcast about how Angell Expeditions came about and also more information on the beautiful Big Bend:

Now trending: The exciting 52 mile Epic Bike Trail Loop in Big Bend Ranch State Park. For complete details, visit our Mountain Biking Page! Angell Expeditions spent a week guiding Rock The Park (paywall) We can take you to areas only accessible by 4WD vehicles and on properties that have access granted only to Angell Expeditions.

Experience Our Big Bend River Tours Today! See old Native American ruins, swim in hidden oasis springs and climb challenging mountain peaks for spectacular vistas of the Texas Big Bend region. We have access to hundreds of miles of trails in varying degrees of difficulty for hiking and biking. Bring your own bike or rent one of ours. Guided hiking and biking tours are reasonably priced, with lower rates for groups of 3 or more. Camp sites and equipment can be provided at modest fees, depending on individual needs, with transportation to and from in our vehicles. For those who prefer to view and experience the off-road areas of the Big Bend from the comfort of a vehicle, 1/2 day and full day jeep™ tours are available. The photos you see on the following pages are only a fraction of what you can see and experience with Angell Expeditions. CertifiedContact Us


ATTIRE: For all activities we recommend long-sleeve shirts, sunglasses and a broad- brimmed hat unless activities require a helmet. Long pants are recommended on hikes and climbs to protect from brush and thorns, and spare socks are good to carry with for all activities. Shorts and/or a swim suit are good to keep with if taking a refreshing dip in a desert spring or other water source is desired. See more about what to bring on a river trip.

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PLEASE NOTE: All deposits are non-refundable due to scheduling adjustments. Jeep™ is a registered trademark.

Visit for camping supplies, survival gear and survival food, regardless of your level of expertise or experience. Whether you Camping for Survivalare an emergency preparedness-minded individual interested in MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) and colloidal silver, a hardcore hiker in need of paracord, a water filter system and fire piston, or just need a basic first aid kit or emergency kit for the family, you’ll find it. If you have ever thought about your own kayak, check out inflatable kayak reviews. We supply canoes and kayaks for our trips, but it’s neat that these fit in your trunk.

We offer the best Big Bend River Tours available and guarantee you will love your adventure with us.

Ask about our Redford camping and lodging options