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Our Big Bend river tours let you experience Texas along the Rio Grande and International border.

Mountain bike, hike, camp, river raft the Rio Grande and take Jeep™ tours down forgotten trails in the Chihuahan desert around the Chinati Mountains, Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park.

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Ride the Devils River with Angell! Check Out Videos of our Exciting New Trips!

The Devils River is the cleanest, clearest and most pristine of any river in the State of Texas, so much so that it is used as the standard for water quality in the State. Devils River State Natural Area, managed by TPWD, has the best access points and campsites along this gem, we can take you on a guided trip down to experience this unique watershed. Access is strictly limited to 12 people per day so advance notice is required. Angell Expeditions requires a 4 person minimum for a 4 day trip. Longer trips can be taken but less than 4 days becomes a struggle to enjoy the river. Please contact us for pricing, they will be higher than our standard rates. This trip is only for the physically fit, some paddling experience is required.

Listen to a recent podcast about how Angell Expeditions came about and also more information on the beautiful Big Bend: http://www.cmmayo.com/marfa/podcast-2-charles-angell-big-bend.html.

Now trending: The exciting 52 mile Epic Bike Trail Loop in Big Bend Ranch State Park. For complete details, visit our Mountain Biking Page!

We can take you to areas only accessible by 4WD vehicles and on properties that have access granted only to Angell Expeditions.

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See old Native American ruins, swim in hidden oasis springs and climb challenging mountain peaks for spectacular vistas of the Texas Big Bend region. We have access to hundreds of miles of trails in varying degrees of difficulty for hiking and biking. Bring your own bike or rent one of ours for $25 per day. Guided hiking and biking tours average $100 per person per day, with lower rates for groups of 3 or more. Camp sites and equipment can be provided at modest fees, depending on individual needs, with transportation to and from in our new jeeps™.

For those who prefer to view and experience the off-road areas of the Big Bend from the comfort of a vehicle, 1/2 day and full day jeep™ tours at rates averaging $75 – $100 per person.

Or, if getting on the Rio Grande is what you desire, our rates are $75 for 1/2 day, $120 for a full day Big Bend River Tour.

The photos you see on the following pages are only a fraction of what you can see and experience with Angell Expeditions.

CertifiedFor information:
Call either 432-229-3713 or 305-336-2787.
Email: charles@angellexpeditions.com.

ATTIRE: For all activities we recommend long-sleeve shirts, sunglasses and a broad- brimmed hat unless activities require a helmet. Long pants are recommended on hikes and climbs to protect from brush and thorns, and spare socks are good to carry with for all activities. Shorts and/or a swim suit are good to keep with if taking a refreshing dip in a desert spring or other water source is desired.

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PLEASE NOTE: All deposits are non-refundable due to scheduling adjustments.
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We offer the best Big Bend River Tours available and guarantee you will love your adventure with us.